Legislation Advocacy

We seriously need your help to obtain the 13th check for 2021 and 2022!  Even though our bill, HB 1227, passed the House 92-1, we are very concerned about it passing the Senate.  We are asking you to email your senator immediately.

Your email needs to be short and sweet.  First ask them to please support the 13th check that is in the budget bill and the $50 increase contained in HB 1227.  Then mention at least one important item/service that you will use that money for.  It might be medicine, utilities, etc.  Be specific about costs. 

Example:  Dear Senator (Name):

I am asking you to support the 13th check for retired teachers found in HB 1001 and 1227.  If we receive this help, I can use it to pay for my medicine that costs $160 per month. 

Then thank the senator and add your name.  That is all you need to do, but if all our members help, we should be successful.

The above is only an example.  It needs to be in your own words and your own example of how you would spend it.  If you will be spending this money in your own community, you might add that.

Thank you for your help!

Nancy Tolson, Chair of the IRTA Legislative Committee


To find your senator:

Go to www.in.gov which is the official website of the State of Indiana.  Check the box on Covid “Do not show again.”

Scroll down to second row of boxes on the right side of the page: Click on “Courts and Legislature.”

Click on Indiana General Assembly.

On the bottom left of the page, it says “Find Your Legislator.”   When you click there, another frame comes up above that says again, “Find Your Legislator” where you will fill in your address.  (If you no longer live in Indiana, use the last address where you resided).  A picture of your legislators will appear and on the left side of the page it will say “Email your legislator.”  It will also give you your senator’s district number, and if you choose, you can send the email that way.  To do so, it is sXX@iga.in.gov.  The district number should be substituted for the “XX” in the example. 

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