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Stay informed about COVID-19


Stay healthy by staying informed with the newest information about COVID-19 from the CDC.

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Important CARES Act information.


See guidance on tax implications of the CARES Act that may apply to you.

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Enjoy discounts that help with your retirement budget


You can take advantage of special rates on many goods and services, including healthcare and dental insurance, cell phone service, dining and computers.

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Protect your well-earned state teacher pensions


Your best interests are represented in the General Assembly as we monitor proposals and work with legislators for appropriate funding.

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Pay it forward to Indiana's current, future educators


Your contributions provide grants and financial assistance to Hoosier teachers and scholarships to college students who are seeking careers in education.

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Connect you with former colleagues, new friends


You get to meet other retired educators and share friendships through our chapter meetings, special events and travel opportunities.

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