Be Your Own Best Advocate

Help the Indiana Retired Teachers Association as They Advocate for You

The Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) advocates year-round for the interests of Indiana’s retired educators.  Since 1983, we have been instrumental in getting legislation passed that provided for COLA’s and/or the enhancement known as a “13th check.”  We cannot do this alone because legislators pay the most attention when they hear from their constituents.  What can you do to advocate for the safety and enhancements of your pension?

  • Join the IRTA, the only association that lobbies and works exclusively for retired educators of Indiana. Your membership allows us to have a lobbyist who works for us all year, even when the Legislature is not in session. 

More Members Give Us a Stronger Voice in the Legislature!

  • Stay Informed with the Indiana General Assembly: It's crucial to stay informed about legislative matters affecting your pensions and benefits. The Indiana General Assembly website ( is a valuable resource for tracking bills, participating in live sessions, accessing session recordings, and staying updated on upcoming schedules. Additionally, the website provides information on committees and individual members of Congress, allowing you to understand the key players and dynamics shaping pension-related policies. By utilizing this comprehensive tool, you can actively engage in the legislative process, advocate for your interests, and ensure the protection and enhancement of your retirement benefits. For a detailed tutorial on how to navigate the website effectively, click here. Visit today and empower yourself as a retired educator in Indiana.
  • Contact your Legislators 
    • Be courteous.
    • Be specific about your request or concern.
    • Thank them for their attention to your contact.

Face-to-face meetings are best, but email contacts can also be helpful.

  • At the end of the legislative session, follow up with a thank you if they voted for an enhancement or a courteous note that voices your disappointment if they did not.
  • Join your local chapter and help to educate the members on the importance of staying in contact with their legislators. Find a Local Chapter

REMEMBER - While the state office staff and committees work as your voice in the General Assembly and secure discounts on goods and services, our local chapters carry out our mission of volunteering in communities and keeping members informed about what the state association provides.

  • Be a vocal supporter of enhancements by speaking out at meetings where the legislators come to hear from their constituents. (Cracker Barrel Sessions, etc.)
  • Support current educators, future educators, and retired educators in need through the IRTAF (Indiana Retired Teachers Association Foundation)
  • Active Teacher Grants— IRTAF understands the importance of helping teachers fulfill their classroom missions. That is why we provide assistance through the generosity of our members and partners. If you know of someone in Indiana who would like to apply for an active teacher grant, or you want to learn more about the program visit Active Teacher Grants
  • Scholarships—What better way to perpetually advance Indiana's education of young people than to develop and support more great teachers. Each year, IRTAF awards at most 10 scholarships (one in each Area) to help promote the education profession.
  • A Hand UP Assistance—This program provides financial assistance for an immediate need of an IRTA member who is undergoing a temporary or emergency hardship. The help is intended for a one-time, short-term need and not for extended support. Examples of needs include, but are not limited to housing expenses, health care, transportation, legal assistance, nutrition, etc. 

Learn More about giving to the foundation.


Your Vote Counts

  • Learn about the candidates. It’s important to vote in every election, but especially in your local elections and special elections.
  • Learn more about upcoming elections, polling locations, who is on the ballot:


Join the Indiana Retired Teachers Association

In addition to retired Indiana educators, educators thinking of retiring and ANYONE else can join IRTA as Associate Members at a low annual rate to support our efforts.

At the Indiana Retired Teachers Association, we are dedicated to advocating for all retired educators.  In addition to monitoring current bills on the table, we are also monitoring the budget process of the pension and healthcare funding of Indiana.  As we continue to learn more about the legislative landscape in Indiana, we will inform our members on our website.  Stay tuned!



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