Want Expert Benefits Advice? Get a FREE Benefits Review with a Skilled AMBA Agent

Though friends and family can be helpful when considering benefits options, there’s no substitute for the expert benefit advice of an agent through your association and AMBA. You’re Unique. So Are Your Benefits Needs. AMBA and your association offer high-quality, comprehensive insurance plans at affordable rates with benefits you’ll love. AMBA's robust portfolio...
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There Are a Whole Lot of Reasons to Consider the Whole Life Policy from AMBA

(Reason #9 is important - even if you already have a policy!) Like an umbrella, life insurance is one of those things everyone should have for the inevitable rainy day. But far too many people delay getting coverage. Maybe the reason is because they think it’s something they’ll get around to and put off purchasing a policy. Or they’ve been turned down elsewhere and...
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AMBA’s 5 Tips to Keep Your Summer Road Trip Fun and Safe

Nothing makes incredible memories like summer road trips. From visiting loved ones, checking out historic destinations, or taking advantage of fun tourist attractions, there’s nothing like hitting the road and enjoying an adventure. But these journeys have risks that you need to be ready for. Follow AMBA’s tips to help ensure an enjoyable and safe journey for road trippers of all...
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We May Soon Be Able to Grow New Teeth

A significant breakthrough could change  everything  about dentistry. Every dentist dreams of helping patients grow new teeth. That dream may soon become an exciting reality.  Scientists are preparing to initiate the world’s first clinical trials of “tooth regrowth medicine” later this year. If the trials are successful, patients—whose...
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