Making Your Home Fall-Proof

Falls are the #1 cause of injuries in older adults, resulting in more than 2.5 million emergency room visits and over 700,000 hospitalizations every year. And the place for the majority – 6 out of 10 - of these falls? Your own home. Accidents may happen, but there are ways to make your home as safe as possible for you and your loved ones and reduce your risk. Here are some tips:...
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The Living Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

If you love someone, owe someone, or someone depends on you financially, you should have life insurance. If you pass away, life insurance can help protect your loved ones by covering final expenses or estate taxes.  There are a variety of life insurance options. Whole Life policies have the advantage in that they provide lifelong coverage as long as premiums are paid.  But...
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How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

Most children learn by the time they’re in elementary school that they should brush their teeth twice every day. But many adults still have no idea how often they should replace their toothbrush. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months or sooner if the bristles become frayed. Bacteria Buildup.  After you brush your...
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By Looking In Your Mouth, Your Dentist Can See What’s Happening in Your Body

Did you know your dentist can frequently spot the first warning signs of many major health problems? Issues like leukemia, heart disease, diabetes and more may all have oral manifestations, and can potentially be spotted by your dentist during a routine check-up even before you’re experiencing any symptoms. One of the first signs of leukemia can be gingivitis; or swelling and bleeding...
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