Who Was the First Woman Dentist?

Today, many prominent dental professionals are female. That wasn’t always the case. In fact, it wasn’t until 1866 that the first woman earned the title of Doctor of Dental Surgery. That honorific belongs to Lucy Beaman Hobbs, the very first licensed female dentist. Becoming the First Woman Dentist Hobbs was born in New York on March 14, 1833. When she was 12, she obtained a...
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Seeing Signs of Alzheimer’s Through Your Eyes

We’ve all heard the expression that the eyes are a window to the soul. But a recent study has made a breakthrough discovery that our eyes can also provide invaluable information about our cognitive health. What Is Alzheimer's? Alzheimer's disease is a brain disorder that slowly erodes memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out simple tasks. Most...
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What Famous Person in American History Invented Bifocals?

When you think of the greatest inventions humankind created, answers like “the wheel”, “the printing press”, or “the internet” come readily to mind. But the importance of corrective lenses – eyeglasses, including bifocals – is frequently (apologies for the pun) overlooked. But eyeglasses for visual aid are one of the most common – and...
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