Good News About Bad Breath

You may have noticed bad breath seems to get worse as we get older. You're not alone. The number of people suffering from halitosis is surprisingly high: About 50% of the US population suffers from bad breath. Unfortunately, as we age, we’re more prone to halitosis. But don’t worry. With a little extra effort, you can refreshen your breath and you can breathe a big, fresh, sigh of...
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Jeremy Renner, Actor Who Plays Superhero Hawkeye, Has Life Saved Thanks to Emergency Airlift

News spread fast on New Year’s Day that actor Jeremy Renner was hospitalized after a “weather-related accident” near his home. He underwent two surgeries and spent days in stable but critical condition. Renner has twice been nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award. First for his performance in the 2009 hit  The Hurt Locker  and the next year for  The Town...
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February’s Reader Recipe: Vegetarian Skillet Mushroom and Spinach Stuffed Shells

If pasta is your love language, then you’re sure to enjoy this recipe! It was submitted by a reader in California who notes that it’s a quick and simple stovetop version of classic stuffed shells. It’s perfect because it’s simple to prepare and irresistibly delicious! The sauce is made by dressing up a jarred marinara sauce with garlic browned in butter and crushed...
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6 Ways to Stay Safe in Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for anyone. Slippery sidewalks, icy road conditions, and cold weather can cause a wide range of injuries and illnesses, especially for older people. The following tips can be helpful for preventing many winter-time risks to older adults. Layer Up Cold weather can lead to frostbite and hypothermia, as well as compromising your immune system...
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