Get Protected from the Costs of Emergency Transport

It might happen when you’re at home. It could happen when you’re driving in your neighborhood and another driver rear-ends your car.  And it might be necessary when you’re traveling and a sudden, unexpected medical event happens.  Whether it’s a fall, a car accident, or something like a heart attack, the chance that you might someday need emergency...
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Successful Retirement Starts with Working to Prevent Arthritis

Debbie Smith looked forward to retirement. After years in the workforce and raising her children, she envisioned finally having the time to return to studying piano and maybe giving lessons on the side. But as her retirement approached, she began to feel pain in her hands. She frequently felt a stiffness in her fingers when she’d sit down to play. After a visit with her doctor, her...
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High Blood Pressure = Higher Risk of a Stroke

May is both National Stroke Awareness Month and National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. But that’s not the only link they share. High blood pressure damages arteries throughout the body, creating conditions where they can burst or clog more easily. Weakened arteries in the brain, resulting from high blood pressure, increase your higher risk of a stroke — which is...
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Life Insurance is Not for You – It’s for Your Family

Odds are at some point you’ve considered buying a life insurance policy. All too often, people figure they’ll get around to it later or assume they won’t be able to qualify due to pre-existing conditions or lifestyle issues. If you recognize phrases like “I don’t need it”, “it’s too expensive”, or “I’ve tired and I don’t...
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