5 Tips to Keep Your Oral Health in Tip-Top Shape This Winter

Winter is here and with it comes the drastic change of weather. The cold temperatures can be fun – who doesn’t love a great sleigh ride and hot cocoa on the porch watching the snow fall? But the winter season can take a hefty toll on your oral health. Cold Weather Brings an Array of Health Issues Wintertime is known for causing issues like dry skin and irritated throats....
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Using AI and the Eyes to Achieve Insights into Alzheimer’s

What if you could detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease 20 years before symptoms develop? With an incredible innovation harnessing Artificial Intelligence, researchers say they could unlock a new era in the diagnosis of this neurological disease that afflicts more than seven million Americans. That number is predicted to rise, mainly because one of the biggest risk factors for dementia...
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Getting on Track to Meet Your Financial Goals

Get the Steps with Our Year-End Checklist As you get ready to welcome 2024, it’s important to make sure you’re financially prepared. Do you have the insights and protections you need to maintain peace of mind in the new year? Here are the essential financial tips to take now. 7 Steps to Meet Your Financial Goals ✅ Review Your Financial Plan Whether you and your...
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Please Mind the Age Gap: Planning for Couples with a Significant Difference in Age

Financial planning always has complexities, but couples with a significant age gap face additional concerns. Issues like differences in retirement eligibility dates, life expectancies, health issues, income needs, and more. Strategies for Couples with a Significant Age Gap Staggered Retirement Dates Couples with a significant age gap may find themselves juggling different...
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