Maybe It’s Not the Mask’s Fault: What Could Be Behind “Mask-Breath”

Along with all the other challenges we face during this pandemic, the sudden awareness of the unpleasant smell of our own breath while wearing a mask is one of the most common— and most preventable. If you’re being attentive and washing your masks regularly or using disposable ones, it might not be the mask’s fault. It could be the buildup of certain bacteria in your mouth...
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Shorten The Risk of Getting Long In the Tooth: How To Treat Gum Recession

We have all heard the phrase “getting long in the tooth”. Though it originated as a folksy way to indicate you can tell a horse’s age by looking at their teeth, it can also be applied to humans, and a way of describing recession of the gums.  Maybe you first notice it when looking in the mirror while brushing of flossing. Or you take a new profile pic for social media...
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Get The Added Protection of a Medicare Supplement Plan

For many retirees, the discovery that Medicare doesn’t cover many expenses comes as a rude awakening. But discovering there’s a steep outstanding balance on your doctor visit or hospital bill can be avoided. Here’s what you need to know about Medicare Supplement Plans and how they can offer you peace of mind.   Isn’t Medicare Enough? Medicare health...
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A Vision for Safer, Easier Cataract Surgery

One of the most common eye problems we develop as we age is cataracts. Cataracts are a progressive, painless clouding of the natural, internal lens of the eye. Because this clouding blocks light, the condition can compromise vision and make it difficult to see clearly. Cataracts are often related to growing older, but younger people can also develop them. Other health conditions,...
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