Face It: Finding the Most Flattering Frames Based on Your Face Shape

Selecting the perfect frames when you’re shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses comes with a variety of factors to be considered. Color, size, and what kind of statement you want your eyewear to make perhaps all come into consideration. There’s also an important additional factor to consider: What eyewear will be most flattering for your face shape.  Knowing your face...
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Motion is Lotion: How Exercise Can Help Mitigate and Prevent Joint Pain

Joint pain can make even the simplest tasks difficult. Even making a fist or climbing stairs can become challenging. However, frequently many people mistakenly believe that physical activity has become too difficult and could cause the pain to become even worse. However, sometimes the opposite is true. The more your joints move, the more natural lubrication they receive to remain healthy and...
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Want to Keep Feeling Young at Heart? A Checklist for Older Americans

Maintaining good health is important throughout our lives. As we age, it’s more vital than ever to keep living a happy and active life. While your genetics or family history contribute to our own health risks, there are things you can do to help prevent chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Here’s a quick checklist to help maintain good health as you age....
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Can Technology Bridge the Social Isolation/Loneliness Gap Among Older Americans?

In 2018, Great Britain made history by appointing a Minister of Loneliness. The objective for the role was to study how the effects of chronic loneliness effect the 7.1% percent of British citizens who suffer from it and how to reduce those numbers. The United States faces its own battle against the same issue. America. epidemic of loneliness is an “underappreciated public health...
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