For Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld, Dental Health Is No Joke

For Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld, Dental Health Is No Joke To this day, the 1993 Dental Health Advisor poster featuring Jerry Seinfeld continues to grace the walls of many a dental office. Accompanying the big, toothy grin is the quote: “Look Ma, I flossed!” The comedian has a reputation in Hollywood for his meticulous dental habits. According to one colleague, “He flosses...
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Evolution of The Human Face: We Are What We Chew

Evolution of The Human Face: We Are What We Chew When you see your face in the mirror, you’re looking at four million years of dental evolution. A recent study by Arizona State University shows how changes in the jaw, teeth, and face are basically responses to dietary and feeding trends. The earliest humans ate tough plants that called for large jaw muscles and cheek...
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You’re Not Retired - You’re Busy Doing What You Love! Getting The Most Out Of Your Retirement

It’s a common theme: many of us wondered if we’d be able to keep ourselves busy enough when we retired. Then, once we’re enjoying retirement, our schedules are so busy, we find ourselves wondering how we had enough time to work. For happily retired boomers, rather than lazy days spent puttering around the house, many retirees are finding plenty to occupy their time....
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Protect Yourself From the Sky-High Expense of an Emergency Airlift

As the Emergency Medical Transport team loaded Rick onto the helicopter, he remembered the last time he had a medical emergency. That time he was home and felt a sharp pain in his chest. Fearing a heart attack, but also the expense of an ambulance ride, he called an Uber to take him to the hospital. This time was different. Rick was one of the victims involved in a multi-car accident on the...
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