Take Your Heart for a Hike

Nearly everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability, can find a hike that offers the right level of personal challenge. Like brisk walking, hiking is a good way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, particularly if your route includes some hills, which will increase your heart rate. And hiking may even offer some unique physical and mental benefits. Hiking Is A Natural Stress Reliever...
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This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Let Untreated Cavities Break Your Heart

A box of chocolates is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift, but make sure you brush and floss after enjoying those sweets!  You probably already know that sugary confections can cause cavities. But did you know that if you let an untreated cavity live in your mouth too long, it can lead to periodontal disease? Periodontal disease causes your gums to recede from your teeth, which...
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The Aging Artist’s Eyes

It is amazing how well our eyes perform the complex tasks of relaying visual information to our brains over our lifetimes. But, like the rest of the body, the eye ages with time. Even if we’re lucky enough to remain free of injury or disease as we age, our eyes still experience slight changes. These changes can affect our abilities to judge subtleties of color, light and dark. For...
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Think the E.R. Is Expensive? You Should See the Price of Getting to It.

When most people think of the price of emergency medical care, they think of the costs incurred once they’re at the hospital: the doctors and nurses, the X-Rays, I.V. fluids and exams. What usually gets overlooked - until the bill arrives – is the price of the ambulance or emergency helicopter. It may be the most surprising part of an emergency care bill for patients to...
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