Tips for One of the Toughest Decisions: When It’s Time For Long-Term Care

“I used to worry how I’d know if it was time to move my husband into a nursing home,” says Sarah, “I saw him having more and more problems physically and cognitively, but only wanted to move him if it became necessary.” It’s a common question many spouses unfortunately have to endure. In Sarah’s case, she had an aide come to their home three times a...
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A Safe Way to Update Your Eyeglasses in the Age of COVID-19

Are you reluctant to go for an eye exam during the current pandemic? There’s now an at-home alternative that offers a safe, convenient way to update your eyeglass Rx, without face-to-face contact, and avoid the risk of COVID-19 exposure.  A game-changing new device lets you test your vision and prescription needs and even get a new set of glasses without ever having to leave your...
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Maybe It’s Not the Mask’s Fault: What Could Be Behind “Mask-Breath”

Along with all the other challenges we face during this pandemic, the sudden awareness of the unpleasant smell of our own breath while wearing a mask is one of the most common— and most preventable. If you’re being attentive and washing your masks regularly or using disposable ones, it might not be the mask’s fault. It could be the buildup of certain bacteria in your mouth...
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