Giving Your Family Peace of Mind Doesn’t Need To Be A Headache: Life Insurance On Your Terms

When Stew decided to shop for a life insurance policy, he had good reason to be confident he’d find something relatively easily. “My criteria was simple: I wanted a policy that had reasonable premiums and that can’t cancel me for any reason as long as the premium is paid.” He had no underlying health issues, his doctor was always pleased with his annual checkups, and,...
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Visiting The Doctor From Your Sofa: Discovering Telemedicine

In late April, Mark and his wife Courtney figured they’d kick up their spring cleaning a notch and finally get around to cleaning out the attic. They’d been intending to get around to it since their retirement from teaching in 2018. “And, of course, Mark takes three steps up the ladder, slips, falls, and bruises his knee,” remembers Courtney. They both laughed it...
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Is The New Ultratooth The Ultimate in Dentistry?

For as long as she can remember, Desiree hid her smile. "A few years ago, my best friend posted photos on Facebook from her 50 th birthday party, and I saw my smile and I was just so embarrassed," Caputo shared. Aesthetics weren’t her only dental problems. “For years there were gaps in my teeth, they were loose, and my gums were always getting infected," she shared....
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The When, Where, and How of Long-Term Care: Making A Very Difficult And Emotional Decision A Little Easier

Mary saw her husband’s deterioration for several years. He had been a successful accountant and an avid golfer who could quickly tally scores in his head. But she began to notice problems. He couldn’t figure out what percentage the tip should be when they went out to eat. He would lose his thought process and break off in mid-sentence. Eventually he couldn’t even remember the...
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