Can Technology Bridge the Social Isolation/Loneliness Gap Among Older Americans?

In 2018, Great Britain made history by appointing a Minister of Loneliness. The objective for the role was to study how the effects of chronic loneliness effect the 7.1% percent of British citizens who suffer from it and how to reduce those numbers. The United States faces its own battle against the same issue. America. epidemic of loneliness is an “underappreciated public health...
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Back-to-School Savings Are Just Ahead with AMBA Discounts

September is a great time to begin to pursue educational opportunities in the things you’ve always wanted. From learning a foreign language to discovering how to code, to the tech equipment you and your loved ones need, with AMBA Discounts you can get all the best gear at the best prices! Learn a Foreign Language Babbel is a language app that boasts over 10 million downloads from...
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August’s Reader Recipe: Dijon Crab Spaghetti

As we get through the Dog Days of Summer, this recipe provides a refreshing flavor, healthy nutrients, and a creamy, balanced sauce. The secret weapons that make this dish unique are the teaspoon of Dijon added to the sauce and the juicy segments of tangerine. Thai chile brings a touch of heat, while The fresh crab is augmented with mint, basil, and parsley. Depending on your palate, the Thai...
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Osteoporosis Disease Affects 10,000,000 Americans – and Many Don’t Even Know It

You know that old saying when your intuition is telling you something is wrong, “I can feel it in my bones”? All too frequently, when it comes to osteoporosis disease, many people aren’t even aware of the problem until they suffer an injury. Osteoporosis: “The Silent Disease” It is known as a “silent disease” because it’s common for...
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