5 Dental Issues That Could Be Hereditary

You can probably look at old photos of your parents and recognize what features you got from each. Maybe you got your mother’s eyes or your father’s smile. But are you also born with your parents’ dental issues? If your parents had poor dental health, then you will most likely have problems too. While it’s true some of your oral health is a direct result of your DNA,...
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Retired FBI Executive Assistant Director Becomes School Bus Driver

Michael Mason had a storied career with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. As the Executive Assistant Director, he oversaw the FBI’s criminal branch. “About half of the FBI fell under me,” Mason says. “And I was, just for context, fourth on the FBI’s food chain.” Now? He’s a school bus driver for special education students. After working at...
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World War II Veteran Reenlists on 100th birthday

On his first day as a centenarian, Robert "Bob" Munie got his birthday wish to return how he spent his years as a young man: serving his country.   Munie, who now lives in an assisted living facility, told staff that his one wish for his 100th birthday was to reenlist in the armed forces after having served in World War II with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and later in the U.S....
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67-Year-Old Sets Up Woodworking ‘Shed’ to Combat Loneliness in Men, Following Global Trend

Phillip Jackson returned to his homeland the United Kingdom after living abroad in Australia for several decades. At 67, he thought the homecoming would be filled with reuniting with old friends and familiar places. Instead, to his surprise, he never felt more isolated or lonesome. He eventually realized many others his age in the town had similar issues. “It was strange. We were...
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