Odd Dental Habits (Some Actually Work!)

Ancient Romans had some odd dental habits and practices when it came to dental care. For example, they would rub their teeth with a paste made of honey and ground pepper, believing that the combination could whiten their teeth. While modern dentistry has come a long way since then, there are still many unusual practices – some have even become very popular - that people use to this day...
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Celebrate Father’s Day with This Month’s Recipe: Bacon and Ranch Cajun Baby Cheeseburgers

Father’s Day is a great time to gather the whole family and enjoy a great backyard get-together. And a recipe with a fresh spin on the traditional cheeseburger is something the whole family will enjoy!  These delicious – and adorable – mini-cheeseburgers pull out all the stops for Dad with crisp-cooked bacon, homemade Cajun seasoning and a creamy, ranch dressing...
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Watch Out! New Bank Scams on the Rise.

You may be familiar with the news of some recent bank failures. As a result of these events, many financial institutions and online retailers, banks, and credit card companies are requesting customers update their banking and account information. Unfortunately, scammers are using this opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and trying to trick people into believing...
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More Men Are Being Diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer

After more than 20 years of decline, cases of prostate cancer in men and the number of deaths from the disease are rising. A recent report says that a 3% rise in the number of cases took place between 2014-2019. In terms of mortality, less than 27,000 men died from prostate cancer in 2014. In 2022, that number increased to approximately 34,500. The increase is deeply concerning. As one...
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