All members of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association should think of themselves as members of this state committee.
If our members want to assist us in the struggle to get help from the Indiana State Legislature, they need to keep finding new members to raise our numbers.
When we go to the legislature with 23,000 members, they do listen. However, we must make up 700 to 1,000 new members each year due to the deaths of our retired educators. If we don't all work at getting new members, our association and our influence with the legislature will be more challenging.
We invite you to look at these brochures and talk to your friends about joining the Indiana Retired Teachers Association.

IRTA Membership Notes

IRTA Letter Writing Party Recommendations

Membership Report 2021


Brenda Walls, Vigo County

Kenneth Pierce, Parke-Vermillion Counties

Gene VanStone, Vanderburgh County

Marty Mullin, Whitewater Valley

Catherine Mund, Dearborn County

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