Retirement Planning

The Retirement Planning Committee assists active educators in making informed retirement decisions. The committee monitors the activities of the Indiana Public Retirement System Board of Trustees and actively lobbies the General Assembly.
Our mission statement is: To develop and disseminate information regarding teacher retirement issues in Indiana.
In order to accomplish our mission, our committee will continue to review data from surveys and feedback from current and potential retirees.
We will periodically revise and update current materials and plans for dissemination.
Our committee, along with IRTA staff and the Board of Directors will measure our success by surveying attendees at leadership workshops, viewing data from the web site, and by the distribution of printed copies.

Retirement Planning Report 2021


Calvin Biddle, Hendricks County

Nathan Wolf, Floyd County

Peggy Hollingsworth, Fayette County

Mark Guard, Ripley County

Denise Walden, Daviess County

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