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President Local Board, Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair - Earl Cunningham 219.879.8169 

Vice President Local Board - David Reberg 219.362.328 

Secretary Local Board - Gale McCarty 219.778.4139 

Treasurer Local Board - Rolland Clindaniel 219.326.5776 

Treasurer Local Board - Chuck White 219.326.6892 

Legislative Committee (L) Chair - Arnold Bass 219.872.6357 



Information for this local chapter will be posted shortly. Please check back here later.



We are a small, close-knit group that has quarterly business meetings, with interesting programs. We also have many opportunities for fun, informal social get-togethers in surrounding counties.

School Districts: Eastern Pulaski, West Central

March, June, September and December.

On the first Thursday of each month, we have an informal gathering for breakfast and socializing at 8 a.m. at Kostas Restaurant, 1406 US 35 in Winamac.

At various locations in Pulaski County.

4975 West 200 South
Winamac, IN 46996

Cindy Franklin, President
Janet Stout, Vice President
Cathe Franklin, Secretary
Linda Doll, Treasurer

Cindy Franklin


Saint Joseph

President Local Board - Paula Heiser 574.233.4866 Chair: Member Concerns & Services Committee (L), Public Relations Committee (L), Retirement Committee (L) Chair

Vice President Local Board - Cinda Korkhouse 574.272.6436 

Vice President Local Board - Jeanette Choate 703.531.9663 

Secretary Local Board - Nancy Smith 574.234.4567

Treasurer Local Board - Linda Turnock 574.243.0104 

Community Service Committee (L) Chair - Cynthia Streich 574.291.4797 

Foundation Committee Chair - Mary Fisher 574.273.0724 

Legislative Committee (L) Chair - Kenneth Jasinski 574.654.8441 

Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair - Kathy Elliot 574.291.8537 

Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair, Membership-Associate Committee (L) Chair - Alfred Large Jr 574.271.9667 

Necrology Committee (L) Chair - Karen Gerver 574.220.0052 

Public Relations Committee (L) Chair - Craig Haenes 

Public Relations Committee (L) Chair - Rebecca Havens  


President Local Board - Mary Powell 574.896.2073 

Secretary Local Board - Hazel Richie 574.896.2472

Treasurer Local Board - Anne Eckert 574.896.3072 

Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair - Judith Weitgenant 574.896.2978


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