Area 2


We meet four times per year and support a speaker we have chosen. It is our intent to become informed about organizations, museums and needs of others in the community. Many of us are actively involved in volunteering.

School Districts: DeKalb Central, DeKalb Eastern and Garrett-Keyser-Butler

10:30 a.m. the first Wednesday of March, June, September and December.

Auburn United Methodist Church
1203 East 7th Street
Auburn, IN 46706

P. O. Box 43
Auburn, IN 46706

President Local Board - Angela Hose 260.925.2697 Chair: Member Concerns & Services Committee (L), Public Relations Committee (L), Retirement Committee (L) 

Vice President Local Board - Myla Wells 260.925.1533

Secretary Local Board - Kay Finchum 260.925.3247 

Treasurer Local Board - Betty Wagner 260.925.1093 

Treasurer Local Board - Carol Gear 260.925.0607

Community Service Committee (L) Chair - Betty Stomm 260.925.4287 

Foundation Committee Chair - Myla Wells 260.925.1533

Legislative Committee (L) Chair - Robert Wilder 260.238.4380

Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair - Sherri Sible 260.337.5043


President Local Board - Richard Gregg 260.562.3626 

Vice President Local Board - Joyce Weber 260.336.2461

Secretary Local Board - Sharon Parker 260.562.2610 

Treasurer Local Board, Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair, Membership-Associate Committee (L) Chair - Sheila Gregg 260.562.3626

Community Service Committee (L) Chair - Sharon Graybill 260.463.3056 

Community Service Committee (L) Chair - Lana Wagner 260.463.3203 

Legislative Committee (L) Chair - Thomas Smith 260.562.2727 

Public Relations Committee (L) Chair - Jay Smith 260.463.3323 

Retirement Committee (L) Chair - Nancy Peterson 260.894.3610 



We focus our dinner/meetings on socialization, education, entertainment, and volunteerism. We annually award an education scholarship to a student from one of the three school districts on a rotating basis.

School Districts: Central Noble School Corporation, East Noble School Corporation, West Noble School Corporation

Second Thursday of April, September and November - 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Various churches, libraries, etc. east to west in county.

c/oNancy Shambaugh
370 Spring Beach Drive
Rome City, IN 46755

Nancy Shambaugh, President/VicePresident
Melinda Welsh, Treasurer
Harold Sollenberger, Recording Secretary
Jan Keefer, Corresponding Secretary



Our group's focus is volunteering in the community and turning in our total groups' hours to the state IRTA. We also support the state IRTA programs, Hand Up assistance and Foundation scholarships with annual donations.

Membership is $10 per year. All educators age 85 and older do not pay. (We believe they have already paid their dues.) Associate membership is $5 per year. This is for family members and friends who are not educators.

School Districts: MSD of Steuben County, Fremont Community Schools, Hamilton Community Schools.

9 a.m. the first Thursday of each month for breakfast.

We Hop Restaurant
309 North Wayne Street
Angola, IN

275 Lane 591 Lake James
Fremont, IN 46737

Judy Hostetler, President
Janet Bohney, Vice President
Marj Lilley, Secretary-Treasurer

Judy Hostetler


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